// Privacy //

Personal information supplied from the visitor of our website:

Visitors of our website can hand over personal information like e-mail adress or postal adress for contact reasons. We gather this information via a web formular which request personal information being handed further to our internal mail sytem. No personal data will be stored on the webserver. The personal information handed over from the visitor of our website are only used for the contact reason of the visitor itself.

Analysis of the access to our website for statistical reasons:

Each access to a page of our website we offer from any user as well as any call for a data file leads to a storage of data for this request in a protocol file. These files are not related to a person. We are therefore not in th position to simulate which user called for which data.


In particular the following data information is stored for every single demand:

Further more the IP-Adress of the PC from whom the call has been sent will be stored. These stored data are only used and analysed for statistical reasons. A handover to third parties does not take place. The IP-adress will be automatically removed and completed deleted after 12 months including the analysis done.

This page doesn't use cookies nor other techniques which could be used to simulate the access performance of the user.